Toast & Sandwich

Two Tone Sandwich
Crispy shredded pork and deli turkey drizzled
with 2 in house Thai traditional dressing
(2 type of flavour)
1. Sweet Mayonnaise,  Sweet and fragrant. Mellow. Juicy.
2. Chili Paste
BBQ Pork Sandwich
2 slices of toast with Thai styled marinated pork, mozzarella cheese, organic baby Arugula and homemade spicy Mayonnaise.

Croissant Waffle

Croissant waffle sandwich with deli turkey & cheese

Grilled Cheese
Oozing Mozzarella cheese in butterfly pea grilled to perfection in Brioche Toast.

Thai Style Croissant
Croissant with crispy shredded pork in our house Thai creamy dressing. Sweet and fragrant. Mellow. Juicy. 

Basil Egg Toast
Perfectly poached egg, cheese, deli turkey and basil served open-faced on our white sourdough.